Kalibrirka BULDOG 5

Status proizvoda: Dostupno

Wide-belt sanding machines of the Buldog 5  series are used for processing of wood, i.e. for calibration – smoothing (rough sanding), as well as for finishing – smoothing of surfaces (fine sanding). These machines are suitable mainly for small and medium-sized joiner's workshops. The construction of the machine corresponds to all requirements for reliable functioning, safety of work and protection of the environment and fulfils EU, UL, and CSA standards. The stable and sufficiently dimensioned monolithic frame construction, welded from steel parts, together with other construction elements, ensures high rigidity of the machine even during maximum long-term load.

Original construction of sander Buldog 5 is designed by HOUFEK Inc. for customers, who ask for simplicity, reliability and quality . Sanding masive, veneered finish and varnish is easy with Buldog 5. Buldog 5 excels in robust design, simply operating and high comfort. Many thousands of these sander are working around the world for their satisfied customers.

Standard equipment

  • rubbered roller D=160 mm, 90Sh
  • length of sanding belt 1900 mm
  • motorized lift of work-table
  • automatic star / delta switching
  • ampermeter for sanding motor
  • centering of sanding belt with infrared sensor
  • table positioner
  • electronic measuring of table position with digital display
  • two speeds of feeding belt 4,5/9 m/min
  • rubberized press rollers
  • pneumatic disc brake of main motor
  • antinoiseness protection
  • CE electric and safety standard

Optional equipment

  • 20HP ( 15kW ) motor
  • 25HP ( 18,5 kW ) motor
  • NC machine operating color Touchscreen 10,4"
  • Two speed of sanding belt - 9/18 m/sec
  • Two speeds for lift of table
  • Steel roller instead of rubbered D=160 mm
  • Rubbered roller D=160 mm, 30 Sh
  • Rubbered roller D=160 mm, 45 Sh
  • Rubbered roller D=160 mm, 60 Sh
  • Adaptation for length of sandig belt 2200 mm (high of machine + 200mm)
  • Frequence converter of feeding belt speed 3 - 12m/min
  • Frequence converter of main motor - belt speed 3-20m/s
  • Pressure ledge for grinding short workpiece - 1 couple
  • Automatic centering of feeding belt
  • Automatic table positioner
  • Pneumatic timed blower for cleaning 1 sanding belt
  • Pneumatic timed blower with moving jets of 1 aggregate
  • Orbital blower of workpiece
  • Front extension table
  • Rear extension table
  • 1st working roller with timed ascent/descent
  • Maximum-decrease limitation of workpiece
  • Module for clearing of workpiece by rotating textile or nylon brush 140 mm diameter, 1,5 HP
  • Vacuum table
  • Vacuum pump
  • Exhausting clappet D=150 mm (R,C)
  • Exhausting clappet D=180 mm (R,C only for width 1300mm)
  • Special voltage 3Ph, 230/ 60Hz

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