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Pony is a wide belt sander with classic construction and belongs to the smallest wide belt sanders. But efficiency parameter are by fare not the lowest. Simply and safety operating, universality and smallness are main preferences of this machines.

Pony is useable for sanding small workpieces of massive, in a limited cases can be sanded veneer, too. Wide-belt sanding machines of the PONY 630 R/C series are machines used for massive calibration – planing (rough sanding), as well as for finishing – smoothing of surfaces (fine sanding). These machines are used mainly in small and medium -sized joiner's workshop.

Standard equipment

one sanding unit type C + one steel roller + adjustable pad
one sanding unit type R + one steel roller
sanding roller - steel D=120 mm
length of sanding belt 1600 mm
motorized table lift
manual star / delta switching
ampermeter for sanding motor
centering of sanding belt with infrared sensor
mechanical measuring table position
two speed of feeding belt 4,5/9 m/min
electromagnetic brake of main motor
CE electric and safety standard

Optional equipment

rubbered roller 90 Sh, D=120 mm
rubbered roller 45 Sh, D=120 mm
automatic centering of feeding belt
table positioner
electronic measuring of table position with digital display
automatic star/delta switching
exhausting clappet D=150 mm

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